Young People Willing Workers (Youth Department)

Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth… 
                                          Ecclesiastes 12:1

The Youth Department is one that strives diligently to ensure the youth of today understand their purpose in building Gods Kingdom. We believe that the youth of today are our future, thus it is essential that each of the youth gain an understanding of their gifts, purpose and callings. Our youth nights are filled with activities designed to enhance the biblical knowledge and skills of all ages whereby they will one day bear the fruit of the spirit. The events offered each week vary as to prevent boredom with tradition church settings and also demonstrate the multifaceted ways of God. We strive to minister to each child on his/her age level while creating an environment whereby they may grow in spiritual knowledge and strength. Just as many characters within the Holy Scriptures depict the value of teaching our Christian heritage, we at Living Water, prayfully attend to our task of equipping the youth of today to fight their spiritual battles of tomorrow. Come; join in as we venture into the lands of youthfulness with Christ as our teacher.

For more information about our Youth Department please call Miss'y April Henderickson (ages 12 to 18 - Purity Class)  or Miss'y Dawn Wilks (ages 2 to11-Sunshine Band) at (317)549-9763